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The Story.....
The EXTREME group was born in 2010, when, during one of the usual Friday night gatherings at the local Radio Club, we decided to join forces and develop a team spirit among us. We operate from our own stations at home, and we even achieve good personal results, but we wanted to test our skills all together in a contest environment. Over the following months we held several meetings in order to plan our activities: our enthusiasm was growing and the more experienced among us were unselfishly free with good advice, so that we were able to improve the set-up and refine the strategies. After participating in the 40/80 and CQ Low Bands Contests as IQ3TR/3, we are organizing ourselves for the next contest season. We hope it will provide an exciting testing ground where to gain experience and refine technique.

La QSL di IQ3TR/3
IQ3TR/3 qsl card

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