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- The Extreme Group is pleased to announce the fourth edition of the “VENICE CARNIVAL AWARD”. The aim of such an award is to spread through the radio the peculiarities and beauties of the well-known Venetian Carnival. From Saturday, the 11th of February 2017, to Thursday, the 28th of February 2017

- The Extreme Group has won the italian contest 40/80 2016 edition as IQ3NX.

- Bureau cards for the Extreme DX & Contest group's activities as II3CV and IL3A from Venice Lagoon (IOTA EU-131) can be requested by email from the QSL manager IK3HHX (mariohhx@tiscali.it). All direct requests that do not have a SAE and/or sufficient IRC/US$ required to cover postal fee will be returned via the bureau.
II3CV Venice Carnival Award 4th edition 2017
Please visit the ACTIVATION page for details and award rules.
The final prize will be a traditional Venice Carnival Mask!!

The new qsl card for the 4° Venice Carnival Award 2017
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